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Daily Doodle that kind of got away from me. Thranduil was no longer satisfied being doodled in reddish pencil on toned paper, nope… he wanted marker and paint! Thank goodness for copicmarker refills!

9x12” Copic Warm Grays (1,3,5,7) BG72, multiliner, white pencil, white acrylic paint, white ink.

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Good grief….. he’s just so damn pretty…..*pets*

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Random Follower Appreciation Drawing winner!

So, out of 1-200 followers, gave me #170:


Woohoo! Please drop me a note letting me know what you’d like for your sketch! It won’t be today’s (April 24) as I’m already working on that one, but it will be one of the Daily Doodles done during the week of April 27- May 3.

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Thank you for 200 followers!

Hello, all you lovely people!! *big virtual squeezy hugs of appreciation*

I’ve hit another follower milestone today, #200!! YAY! So, in honor of all you lovely people, it’s time for another Random Follower Appreciation Drawing!

Before midnight tonight (Eastern Daylight Time) I will put all my followers (in the order in which they started following) into an online random number generator that will give me back a random number. Whichever follower is at that number gets to request the next Daily Doodle! I will also mail it to you! Anywhere in the world! (for free! no monies, think of it like a free mini-commission)

*I’ve decided to do these Random Follower Appreciation Drawings for every 100 follower milestone (300, 400, etc) until I hit 1,000 (if I ever get there!)

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Totally random

Had an awesome 45 minute conversation about “The Silmarillion” with the cashier at my local pharmacy at 1am, when he caught sight of my elvish wrist tattoo as I was standing at the register.


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Day 112: April 22, 2014


copicmarker cool and warm grays (C1,3,5,7 and W1,3,5) and BG72, multiliner, and white pencil on 9x12” toned tan drawing paper.

I seem to be obsessed with playing in Tolkien’s sandbox lately…

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Written by TIM SEELEY
BATMAN 75 variant cover
Blank variant cover
1:100 Variant cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
On sale JULY 2 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will ship with four covers. Please see the order form for more information.
Dick Grayson. Former sidekick. Former Super Hero. Former dead man. And now…agent of Spyral?!
A thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins in this new, ongoing series. It’s a super-spy thriller that will shock you and prove one thing: You might think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick.

I really hate this cover. Why didn’t they just stick with Mikel Janin’s teaser? Oh, wait, cos’ they really hate Dick and want this to fail

Wait… who the hell is that, because it’s sure ain’t Dick.

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April 21, 2014: Day 101

Because my little shipper heart loves me some Aralas.

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Doodle batch upload #8 drawings from April 14- April 20

All doodles are for sale, so check out the link if you see something you like. All doodles are original pieces of art, so they’re first come-first served!

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Daily Doodle batch upload#7

Doodles from April 7- April 13.

All doodles are for sale, so check out the link if you see something you like! Remember, the doodles are all originals, so they are first come, first served!